Musicians are very talented persons, as a matter of fact, they are people known to use a large portion of their brain at one instant, more than any other activity.

When it comes to intelligence, it serves as a quintessential tool and an interruption to a musician who is facing addiction.

The emotions which a musician has are complex, and are quite different from the conventional human being. They are not known to have the best control over their emotions, and they cannot be entirely blamed for this.  

There is a lot of pressure which musicians face from their fans. They have to perform up to expectations in order to keep amassing much fans as possible.

Whenever they do not perform as expected, there is always a heavy backlash which they receive from fans. Hence, they have to continually ensure that they perform up to expectations and do not flop.

A musician does not experience a peak in creativity every time. There are times when there would be no inspiration to write nice lyrics for a song.

This could take longer than expected, and fans are not known to be the patient type. Hence, most artists are compelled to rely on substances which can help them achieve the expected level of creativity.

One of such substances is alcohol. Having taken quite a number of bottles, musicians become highly inspired to write nice lyrics.

However, the positive effect which alcohol comes with is short-lived, and they would need to take more alcohol to achieve the same effect.

Taking more alcohol results in alcohol abuse, which later develops into an addiction that becomes difficult to control.

Hence, it gets to a stage when musicians are unable to craft lyrics until they drink alcohol. If there is no alcohol, it becomes almost impossible for them to do so.

Alcohol addiction affects musicians just the same way as it affects other professionals. In the long run, there are dire health consequences and mental health problems which comes with this.

Musicians who are addicted are advised to seek addiction treatment from proficient therapists and counselors, so that they can get their lives back on track.

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