Signs that a person is struggling with alcoholism

Alcoholism is a condition where an individual struggles with the physical and mental compulsion to take alcohol.

This condition also applies to the period when the individual is not supposed to take alcohol, they don’t mind drinking it defying every consequence. Alcoholism occurs when the individual has taken too much alcohol to the point where it causes some chemical changes in the brain.

Hence, it is correct to say that alcoholism is an addiction, with no single cause. Rather, several contributing factors can make a person develop alcoholism.

Here are some of the signs that a person has an alcoholism problem

Drinking in secrecy

Anyone struggling with alcoholism will prefer to take alcohol in private instead of in public view. They don’t want anyone to know that they have an addiction problem, because they are likely to be judged or stigmatized. Therefore, they prefer to do it alone, and in secrecy.

Loss of interest in other activities

Another way to know when someone is facing alcoholism is when they lose interest in activities that they once enjoyed. You will notice that they develop an intense dislike for those activities, and they will seem to be buried in another activity that no one knows about.

Prioritizing drinking of alcohol

An addicted individual will prioritize alcohol over other responsibilities. For instance, if the person is an employee, they will rather take alcohol than perform their task. This will make them miss several deadlines and become unproductive overall.

Continued drinking despite different problems

An alcoholic does not care what is going on around them. They are concerned about taking alcohol because it satisfies their present cravings. So, they might be less concerned about family problems, financial issues, and even their health.

If you know someone struggling with alcoholism, it is advisable to motivate them to seek help. Don’t be judgmental when relating with them, but show enough care to make them know that they are not alone in their problems.

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