How alcoholism affects the mental health of a musician

One of the major reasons why people are hooked on alcohol is because of the short-term effects it produces. And this is why they will keep on taking alcohol so that they are not limited to the short-term effects. Alcohol addicts often seek a permanent lasting effect but it is impossible.  

Sadly, one of the worst-case scenario is, it has a detrimental effect on our mental health and musicians are not left out of this. It would interest you to know that alcoholism is associated with several mental health problems like depression, anxiety and a host of others.

One fact you need to understand about our mental health is, our brain depends on a balance of processes and chemicals. And since alcohol is a depressant, it can affect that balance.

This means that our emotions, feelings and actions are disrupted. If care is not taken, our mental health can remain disrupted in the long-run.

For musicians, just like the rest of us, when they drink more, the impact of alcohol on the brain increases. And even though they are in a happy mood during the period of taking alcohol, there is a strong chance that those negative emotions will set in and adversely affect their mental health.

Musicians often experience anxiety no matter how gifted they are. And one of the biggest mistakes they make is to drown themselves in alcohol so that it would help them feel more comfortable. However, this feeling is short-lived because it wears off fast and soon, they are back to reality.

Similarly, this is what happens with depression. People who drink regularly and heavily are likely to be depressed. Alcohol does not directly cause depression but it affects the important nerve-chemical system in our bodies which are crucial in our mood regulation.

There are other effects of alcoholism on a musician’s mental health, but anxiety and depression are common features. The only way out of this for musicians, is to seek help from rehabs that treat alcohol addiction.

From there, they will be exposed to healthy lifestyles that would assist them in handling life’s challenges the right way.  

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